About Us

Welcome to Bluetech Computers, Our company was established on May 5, 2010, from the day we started, serving more than 2500+ customers who are satisfied with our service.

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We Solve Hard Disk Data Problems with Most Efficiency

We test the life of the Hard Disk with the help of our software and solve the problem by replacing it. Also, we help you keep your data safe by taking your data backup securely.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best service whole country. We already provide a good service in Mumbai offering our best. With the help of our leading team, we provide excellent support to our new and exciting customers. We offer only one-time solutions to our long-term customers. Verified service customers no longer visit us once the system is ready. we hope service will be provided throughout India.

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

we are at the forefront of our work and the fast service we provide. we do not neglect our customers and always value them.

Self Motivated and Determined, Success Oriented and Natural Leader, Intelligence and Self Confidence Contingency Planner, Project Evangelist & Team Builder… provides Structure, direction and vision, Problem solving tactics and experience applying people, process, problem-solving and technical skills to improve individual team and organization. An impassioned team leader, who mentor with purpose and understand that strong working relationship create teams and produce exceptional results.
Vijay Tomar
Really impressed by the quality of the service,would highly recommend this,if you want immediate and efficient service.
Shaheen Parkar
Very efficient,professional technicians and Engineers,I trust Bluetech computers because I can leave my expensive laptops and accessories with them without thinking,Always got the best and prompt service from them. Always committed to customers and exceptional customer service... Hats of to Mr Jai Prakash the owner of Bluetech computers for such great after sales services.
Janesh mathew
Excellent place for laptop services.. Very well listener & resolved issues, We will recommend to our colleagues & friends too.
A3V Industries
Quick response and prompt action.... Very helpful
Vishal Davande
Quick responsive, good service
Pankaj Sawardekar

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