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Onsite Computer & Laptop Services

 If a customer has a problem with a computer or laptop at your home or in your office, and you will need to run in order to fix the problem if it is determined that it is not able to be fixed on the spot. Then, we pick up the parts or laptop and take it to our service center, and after fixing we return it back to the customer.

Internet Problem Solution

We’ll resolve all your Internet-related issues for our clients, laptops, or desktop computers, through the use of a router for a wireless network for your home, and setting up an office, the printer is wireless. A Problem with connecting students to access the Internet. The Internet does not work, the phone and the PC or laptop. The Internet doesn’t work, but it shows the connection.

Assembled Computer Sales

The best-assembled computer you can get in Mumbai. We take the order of all Bulk Assabled computer for Office and home use. We also take order of Given computer configuration we assemble to give to the customer whatever he likes to put in it. Gaming computer Also we assemble and give to the customer.Graphic card inbuilt desktop computer also.Can Buy On www.computerdukan.com

Antivirus Solution

We Remove viruses from the computer or laptop,pc. If your computer or Pc is attacked by the virus we remove it and give you at a very minimum charge also suggest you put the best antivirus to your computer or laptop depending upon its configuration.we also take backup of data 90% if it is survived from the virus.

Networking Solution

We do small office and home networking. sharing computer peer-to-peer connection, Server installation, domain installation, Data sharing from 1 computer or Laptop to another. Printer sharing and networking. Also, we give Security through firewall installation Computer.

In-House Services

Walking customer comes to our workshop we fix the computer or laptop on the spot. If Customer Don’t have the time they just drop the computer or laptop to our shop, we fix and return to them if their quotation is approved. 

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