Onsite AMC Contract


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The Computer System and the peripherals, confined under the service contract undertaken by BlueTech Computers shall be serviced every three months.This contract would be accepted under the assumption that all the computers &Hardware and software are in sound working condition.We should also be given permission to carry out the faulty part of the computer for repair if it is not possible to fix the problem on-site.We are not responsible for the repair / or replacement of broken or damaged parts such as dents in cabinets, broken switches on panels,s, etc.The AMC would not hold well if the machine is found to be misused, dismantled, or serviced by anyone other than the engineer from our company.Prior permission in writing should be sought before consulting engineers from other companies should any need arise. Failure in doing so would lead to the discontinuation of our services immediately.We shall not bear any responsibility for any sort of damage caused to a computer system and/ or peripherals due to bad power (power fluctuations like spikes, surges & burns out) at your site.Suggestion, regarding the method using the computer system, given by ourEngineers must be implemented without fail. (E.g. External floppies/CD’s/DVD should not be used unit they are thoroughly scanned for viruses)Spare parts (if any) would be replaced subject to the availability of respective spares With the original manufacturer or their distributor or in the market.Payment for the delay in replacement of part from manufacturer or distributor or dealerExtra visit for carrying out Job, which does not fall within the scope of our After a call book on the same day our technician will attend call our service time is morning 10.30 amto 6.30 pm.If there is something small fault we will resolve it online through remote connection or on phone.If there is a major problem for your pc or laptop is happened our person will be taken for service repair hardly its take one day to return
The agreement, is chargeable actual. We hope


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